Welcome to use Growp

The following FAQ section can lead to quick guide.For further problems, please click ' ' in APP and we will give the response as soon as possible.

How to turn on the device?

Caution: Please confirm that the ruler is placed above the scale.

The whole system will be automatically turned on when baby steps onto the scale.

Rotate the bottom of ruler and it will be waked up.

How to increase accuracy?



What is the range?


Range: 1~150cmPrecision: 0.2cm


Range: 2~150kg Precision: 50g

How to switch the unit?

Generally, you can change in

When the device is connected with App, you can directly change in.

What if the device can't be turned on?

When the scale light is on, but the ruler screen doesn't show anything, it may possibly be caused by the following reasons: